Enterprise Mobility Management
Enterprise Mobility Management


Enterprise Mobility - Security Demand

With the development of 4G network, enterprises extend IT management ability from traditional PC to mobile devices and mobile applications. Due to numerous types of mobile devices, different settings of hardware and differences between operating systems, the management of mobile devices would be far more difficult than PC, among which the mobility security matters most.



MDM - Compliance Management

  • Device monitoring

  • Information push     Self-service     Scheduled check     Device locating

  • Device control

  • Violation reminding     Remote lock     Remote lock     Geo-fence     Password reset

  • Device erasing

  • Device erasing    Device deregistration     Retire     Breach record

  • Device isolation

  • Enterprise Wi-Fi Appointing     Enterprise certification revocatio      Enterprise app disabling     Enterprise app deletion


MCM - Mobile Content Management

Data is only allowed to be distributed to enterprise applications and would not be lost via the control of the clipboard and the distribution function. The integration of secure storage SDK guarantees the security of local storage. VPN data transformation tunnel is built up by means of manual or automatic operation on client in order to ensure the function of the encryption during file transformation process.



MAM - Mobile Application Lifecycle Management

  • App integration
  • App distribution
  • App security protection



Secure Mail - Secure Access to Enterprise

  • Dedicated built-in tunnel
  • Storage by secure container
  • Seamless connection to mail servers
  • Policy-based mail control


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