Location-based SMS
Location-based SMS


Location Based SMS allows client to send promotion message to a dedicated group of people in a specific area.

SMS promotion message can target either CMHK Local Customers, or CMCC inbound Customers.

The location calculation is based on CMHK Cell Site. Not GPS or AGPS. SMS message will send to customer when they near the targeted Zone.

Average Capacity per Zone: 5000 inbound SMS per day


2015 Statistics of Inbound tourists

Source: Hong Kong Tourism Board

Territory of Residence No. of times Percentage (%)
Total 59,307,596 100%
Mainland China 45,842,360 77.3%
Taiwan 2,015,797 3.4%
North Asia 2,292,565 3.9%
South Asia 3,559,058 6.0%
America 1,728,094 2.9%
Europe 1,829,365 3.1%
  • In year 2015, more than 45 million inbound tourists were from Mainland China.
  • More than 32 million were CMCC users, average 90 thousand daily. (In Mainland China, CMCC market share is more than 70%)


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