is an innovative concept to bring different communications services under one roof, eliminating distances and bringing people closer together. At this place, you can purchase handsets and subscribe services; manage your mobile account quickly and easily; store messages in a brand new way; update your Contacts and synchronize with your handset instantly. All your communications needs can be taken care at one single stop.

wide range of services include:

  1. Online Shop

    New customer handset & SIM, subscribe service plan, CMHK subscriber handset discount, purchase prepaid cards or pre-order handset.
    • Visit CMHK Online Shop and Get up to $200 Supermarket Coupon! Please click here for details and terms and conditions.
  2. Manage Mobile Account

    Enquire and pay bills, check call details, usage analysis, request change of services, etc.
  3. Online Payment

    • From 29 September 2017 to 20 December 2017 (“the Promotion Period”), designated service plan customers who pay the monthly bill in full during the Promotion Period via Designated Online Bill Payment Methods for the first time* will be offered 10GB Full-Speed 4.5G+ Local Data Usage. For offer details, please click here
    • Suspected accounts are able to re-activate within 15 minutes via Online Bill Payment.
    • +4.5G local data service is provided under CMHK 4.5G network. In those Hong Kong areas where the 4.5G networks are not available, CMHK will provide the service under 4G/3G/2G network. The use of designated handset model(s) or device(s) are required for using 4.5G network service. Actual network service will be subject to and affected by the service locations, network circumstance, network coverage, hardware, software and other factors. For 4.5G network details, please visit

  4. Prepaid Cards Online Refill

    • From now until 31 December 2017, customers can get 5% refill bonus by refilling via CMHK Web or designated Mobile App (“CMHK App, WeChat Pay, Octopus Online Payment Service, or Alipay APP - Service Counter (Not applicable to customers of Kabayan, Rekanan, Teman, My Friend Prepaid SIM Card and MySim mobile service). For offer details, please click here
      * Not applicable to refill voucher activation
  5. Contacts

    Manage your contacts and phonebook.
  6. SMS/MMS

    You can send SMS/MMS on the web, check SMS records and set auto-forward function.