Customer Care Hotline Operation Guide
CMHK 24-hour Customer Care Hotline Operation Guide
CMHK Customer Care Hotline (Service Plan Subscriber )

  1. Call 29458888 or Use Handset to dial 888
  2. Select Language (Cantonese 1 / English 2 / Mandarin 3)
  3. Press "1" to select Mobile Phone Service
  4. Enter CMHK mobile phone number
  5. Press the required number to select menu
(Through out the service introduction, you may press "0" to return to the main menu or press "9" to return to the previous menu at any time. )
Main Menu Sub-Menu
1. Monthly Invoice Copy, Account Information & Payment Method
  1. Monthly Invoice Copy, Airtime Usage & Account Information
  2. Payment Methods & Check Address Proof Submission Date
  3. Change service plan
  4. Change customer password
  5. Contract Period
  6. Remaining Handset Rebate Amount
  7. Receive the airtime and data usage of this month through SMS
  8. Receive the statement balance and payment due date
2. Operation of Remote Call Forwarding
  1. Set Remote Call Forwarding
  2. Cancel Remote Call Forwarding
3. Info on latest Service Plan & Handset Offer 2G customers
  1. 4G Service Plan
  2. Handset Offer

3G customers
  1. 4G Service Plan
  2. Handset Offer

4G customers
  1. "Supreme Greater China" 4G Service Plan offer
  2. Handset Offer
4. Roaming, IDD & Enterainment Services
  1. Roaming Service
  2. IDD Service
  3. Entertainment service
5. Address of shops & Customer Centre, Network Service Opinion Zone & Other Enquiries
  1. Shops & Customer Center Address
  2. Repair Service
  3. Network Service Opinion Zone
6. Report Loss  
7. Dectivate or deactivate value added services
  1. Activate or deactive "International Roaming Service"
  2. Activate or deactive "Mobile Data Service"
  3. Activate "Data Roaming Zone Service"
  4. Activate "Voice Mail"
  5. Activate "Conference Call"
  6. Mobile phone service reconnection or deferral of mobile phone service suspension
8. iPhone handset details
  1. Enquiry for the purchase of iPhone handset
  2. iPhone handset usage enquriy