Call Management
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Call Management

To help you manage your calls conveniently, CMHK provides the following call management services:

Call Forwarding Package


You can forward incoming calls to a designated telephone number anytime under the following circumstances. If you have subscribed to our Voice and Fax Mailbox service, all incoming calls will be automatically forwarded to the mailbox.

All Call Forwarding

All incoming calls will be forwarded to a designated telephone number.

Busy Call Forwarding

When your line is busy, the incoming call will be forwarded to a designated telephone number.

No Answer Call Forwarding

When an incoming call is not answered in 20 seconds, it will be forwarded to a designated telephone number.

Remote Call Forwarding

If you do not have your handset with you or it's out of battery, you can use any tone phone to call our 24-hour Customer Care Hotline at 2945 8888, follow the voice prompts, enter your PIN end forward your call to any phone number you like.

Unreachable Call Forwarding

Incoming call will be forwarded to a designated telephone number when your mobile phone is switched off or outside the network coverage.

* Not applicable to PEOPLES 0 service plan. Call Forwarding Package monthly fee for $50 service plans is $8 only.

Set Up All Incoming Call Forward

Simply log onto 1cm website with your CMHK mobile phone number & 6-digit customer password, you can set up all calls forward on your own by completing several steps! To set up, please click here.

Voice Mail
Basic Voice Mail Premium Voice Mail
$251 $432
Record your own message and send it to any phone number
Fax messages can be diverted to any fax number for retrieval
Voice messages can be forwarded to any phone number3
Callers can choose to display the calling number, input other phone number or leave a message Callers can choose to display the calling number, input other phone number or leave a message
Record a personal greeting of up to 30 seconds Record 2 different sets of personal greetings of up to 30seconds each
Mailbox can store up at least 20 messages Mailbox can store up at least 50 messages
Callers can leave a message of up to 60 seconds Callers can leave a message of up to 120 seconds
Messages can be stored for 7 days Messages can be stored for 15 days
Fax mailbox can receive up to 5 pages each time and store a total of 250 pages Fax mailbox can receive up to 10 pages each time and store a total of 500 pages
  1. For subscribers whose tariff plans have been packaged with Basic Voice Mail service, you just need to pay $18 each month for the Premium Voice Mail service.
  2. While sending the messages to other numbers, subscriber's mobile number will be displayed disregard of Per Line Blocking is in place.

Notice: Merging Voice Mail & Customer Password
To provide more convenient service, starting from 14/04/2015, for service plan subscribers with activated the voice mail service to create or change customer password, the new password will also be applicable to access voice mail service; if no change has been made, the two existing passwords will be remain unchanged. For subscribers newly activate voice mail service start from 14/04/2015, the password will be the same as the customer password.

Calling Number Display

$35 / month

Calling Number Display enables you to have a grip on your personal communication, by knowing who is calling before answering.

Call Waiting

$35 / month

The Call Waiting feature enables you to answer an incoming call while you are already making a call. With Call Hold you can make a second call, while you hold your existing call.

When using the Call Waiting and Call Hold feature, subscribers need to pay the airtime charge for the first answered call, as well as the other calls answered or on hold at the same time. (IDD charge is applicable on IDD calls)

Bar Incoming (When Overseas)

$35 / month

Use this feature while you are travelling overseas to avoid unexpected calls to protect yourself from unnecessary expenses, such as airtime and roaming costs.

Incoming / Outgoing Call Baring

$35 / month

Incoming/Outgoing Call Barring means you can block incoming calls or the dialling function of your handset as often as you like to avoid unauthorized use of your mobile phone. Besides, you can deactivate the Call Barring function whenever you want.

Mobile Fax

$35 / month

To establish a closer than ever link with your business partners, Mobile Fax Service enables you to send or receive fax simply by connecting your handset with your portable computer or compatible hardware, such as Ericsson MC16, whenever you are away from your office.


This Value-added Service is not supported by all handset types. Check your handset manual or check the options when buying a new handset.

SMS Secretarial Service

$28 / month

SMS Secretarial Service is available for you 24-hour a day, with professional secretaries to handle all your unanswered calls, making sure no messages are missed.

On-screen Message Alert

We have a team of dedicated secretaries to receive calls and take messages for you whenever your phone is switched off or in use. The messages will be transmitted to you on your handset screen, so you can check your messages and return calls anytime, anywhere.

Personal Reminder

With the SMS Secretarial Service, making important dates and appointments in your diary will no longer be necessary. Simply inform our secretaries of all your dates and appointments, and reminder calls will be sent to you accordingly.

  • SMS Secretarial Service cannot be activated together with the Voice Mail Service.