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Diversified channels in UTV

UTV is a cross-platform OTT service provided by China Mobile Hong Kong Co. Ltd. Enjoy our rich contents for “anytime, anywhere” viewing experience.

Just download UTV App to enjoy wide variety of contents in your Smartphone, Tablet or designated Smart TV.

For more details, please visit UTV website:www.utvhk.com


Cross-platform OTT service

UTV App is available for Smartphone and Tablet UTV App is also available for Samsung, LG, Panasonic Smart TV, SONY Internet TV and Android Box
All Channels

Notice: UTV tvN HD, National Geography WILD HD and STAR Chinese Channel had been terminated on 31 Oct, 2017.

C+ channel provides diverse and exciting variety shows, including live horse racing, entertainment, MTV, travel, leisure and cultural programs.

KMTV provides 24 hours K-pop MV, Korea lifestyle programs. Popular program includes and .


Service Fee


Notice: “UTV Mega Package” ’s tvN HD, Nat Geo Wild HD and STAR Chinese Channel will be replaced by iCNTV Entertainment TV, Modern Drama TV and Cartoon Kingdom TV from  31 October 2017.

Download and login UTV
qrCode_iOS Download UTV App from Google Play Store and App Store now!

Download and update UTV

Existing UTV User

  • Open UTV APP, you will receive a notification for update, follow the instruction and update UTV on Google Play or App Store.

New UTV User

  • Scan the QR Code and it will brings you to Google Play or App Store directly, download and enjoy the latest version of UTV.



CMHK Users

  • Choose ”Temporary Password Login”, enter your CMHK mobile number, then send verification code and you will receive a SMS with 6-digit verification code.
  • You can also use your CMHK mobile number and Customer password (6-digit) to login.

Non-CMHK Users

  • Login in as “Guest” to watch free LIVE channels and VODs; or
  • Login by email address and customized password registered at utvhk.com


Terms and Conditions
  1. Service charges should be paid in advance and on monthly basis. No pro-rata charging apply if use the Service less than a month. If CMHK is not able to receive payment from Users by the means of payment method Users have selected, CMHK reserves the right to suspend the Service until the full payment is received.
  2. Mobile data usage will be deducted from Mobile Data Plan/Package or be charged when downloading UTV App or using the Service.
  3. No refund nor exchange can be made once the service fees are charged by CMHK and paid by Users.
  4. The Service might have different contents/functions at different platforms.
  5. The Service is only available for use within Hong Kong. The Service will not be accessible from overseas IP address if the streaming is blocked. If Users use the Service outside Hong Kong, any roaming data charges incurred shall be borne by the Users.
  6. CMHK can change or remove any channels, contents, service package, program hours of the individual programs and CMHK will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of such change. The Users also accept and agree not to rely on any information or statement that any contents shall be available to the Users as at the date of subscription to mean that all or any part of the contents shall be available during the whole subscription period. If any part of the contents shall be unavailable during the whole subscription period, the Users shall continue to commit the minimum period of subscription (if any).
  7. For Terms and conditions of Service, please visit the UTV website http://www.utvhk.com/.
  8. The 2GB mobile data in UTV Korea Special Package is local data which can be used in every bill month but cannot be accumulated to next bill month and cannot be traded in 2cm platform. For enjoying the 2GB mobile data provided in the package, customers need to adjust data usage limit setting via CMHK website or "MyLink" App. Upon reaching the monthly local data usage limit, the services of both local data and China roaming data will be suspended until next succeeding bill day. The new usage limit setting(s) shall be treated as the base setting(s) for each and every month until further adjustment. Speed performance may be affected by factors, including but not limited to coverage, user device and location, network configuration and traffic conditions. When customer is located out of CMHK 4G coverage in Hong Kong, CMHK will provide service to customer via 3G/2G EDGE network. For the terms and conditions of data roaming, please refer to the service agreement of the subscribed service plan.
  9. The above charges are subject to change without prior notice. In case of disputes, CMHK reserves the right to make final decision.


  1. UTV App is available for designated handset running on Android 5.1 or above and IOS 8.0 or above. For the supported handset and Smart TV models, please click here.
  2. Mobile data usage will be charged or deducted from mobile Data Plan/Package when using UTV service.