Q1. Can I port my existing fixed-line number to CMHK or apply a new fixed-line number if I am not a CMHK service plan customer?
A1. No, the fixed-line service is just applicable for CMHK service plan customer.

Q2. What if I turned off the fixed-line number via Call Manager App?
A2. Once you turn off the fixed-line number, you could not receive the incoming call from this fixed-line number.

Q3. When receiving an incoming call, how can I identify which number is being called?
A3. The message prompt will be shown before you click for receiving the call.
* Some handsets may not support message prompt feature. 1CMN customer cannot enjoy message prompt feature at 1CMN regions.

Q4. If I try to call forward my CMHK service plan number to another number B, will my fixed-line number also been forwarded to number B?
A4. Yes. Fixed-line number will be forwarded to designated number upon the setting of your CMHK service plan number.

Q5. If my CMHK service plan number has setup a connecting tone, will fixed-line number share the same connecting tone?
A5. No, the connecting tone is only applicable on your CMHK service plan number.

Q6. Can I set call forwarding on the fixed-line number?
A6. No. You don’t have any call forward feature on the fixed-line number.

Q7. Can I still use the fixed-line number if I deactivated my CMHK service plan?
A7. No. Once your CMHK service plan number has been terminated or deactivated, the corresponding fixed-line number will be deactivated.  If you wish to retain the fixed-line number, you need to apply for the porting arrangement on your own behalf.  Otherwise, the fixed-line number would be immediately cancelled, and you will be deemed to have ceased and relinquished the use of such fixed-line number.

Q8. Can I port out my fixed-line number?
A8. Yes, you could port out your fixed number to other operators as you want.


Q9. What is the charge for Fixed-line number service? Would there be other chargers beside monthly subscription fee?
A9 The monthly fee for Fixed-line number service is HK$15 per number (No pro-rate, and you need to pay whole monthly payment even you didn't use the service for whole month).