Terms and conditions
  1. This service is applicable to CMHK service plan subscriber only.
  2. This service charges should be paid in advance and on monthly basis.  Customers are required to pay a full “Bill Month” service fee even if the service is used for less than a month.
  3. If customer terminates his/her CMHK service plan and wishes to retain the fixed-line number, customer needs to apply for the porting arrangement on his own behalf.  Otherwise, the fixed-line number would be immediately cancelled, and the customer will be deemed to have ceased and relinquished the use of such fixed-line number.
  4. Customer acknowledges that on top of service fee for this service, all charges generated from voice will be charged according to customer’s CMHK service plan.  When incoming call to the fixed-line number is conditionally forwarded to voice mail or SMS secretarial centre of customer’s CMHK service plan number during abroad, two-way roaming fees will be charged.
  5. This service could support incoming calls only, it cannot make any outgoing calls. According to customer’s CMHK Monthly Plan number will be shown when making a call.
  6. CMHK reserves the right to vary or amend the service fee/tariff and scope of this service and any of the terms and conditions herein contained.