NFC Enabled Services
Experience NFC Mobile Payment

China Mobile Hong Kong “NFC Enabled Services” is launched! You can now enjoy “NFC Mobile Payment Services” provided by designated Banks/Institutions by using a NFC-enabled smartphone and CMHK NFC SIM Card. Let's experience fast and convenient payment in a trendy style!



  • “NFC Enabled Services” is applicable to designated 3G and 4G Service Plans only.
  • When customer successfully applied for the “NFC Enabled Services”, China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited (“CMHK”) will provide him with a SIM which supports NFC function (“NFC SIM Card”) and assign to a suitable mobile number under his existing or new CMHK account.  Once obtained the “NFC SIM Card”, customer can contact respective Bank(s)/Institution(s) to apply for their respective “NFC Mobile Payment Service”.
  • For details of the “NFC Mobile Payment Services”, please contact the respective Bank(s)/Institution(s) that provide(s) this service.


"NFC Enabled Services" Terms and Conditions

 CNCBI “NFC Mobile Payment Services”


* CNCBI NFC Mobile Payment Services which provided by CMHK and China CITIC Bank International Limited will be terminated on August 1st 2017.