Macau "1-Card-Multi-Number" Value-added Service
  • While in Macau, stay connected by making/ receiving calls for only $0.65/min
  • Comes with free "Hong Kong Ringback Tone" (originally $38/mth)
  • Quality network provided by CTM.
  • Monthly Fee: $18
  • You can use Roaming Call Back Service to call other countries/destinations while roaming. For details please click here.


Macau "1-Card-Multi-Number" Value-added Service Charges
Voice Service In Macau In Hong Kong
Receive Incoming Calls
(per min)
via customer's Hong Kong number


Local airtime
via customer's CTM number1



Local airtime + $0.65/min

Make Outgoing Calls
(per min)
to Macau


Local airtime + Macau IDD charge
to Hong Kong


Local airtime
to other countries/ destinations

Mainland China: $0.65; Taiwan: $1.5;
Others: $5.5
Satellite Phone Numbers

Local airtime + IDD charge



SMS Send SMS in Macau Send SMS in Mainland China Send SMS in Hong Kong
To Macau $1.5 + $0.5 $2.22 + $1.5 $1.5
To Hong Kong Intra-network no. Intra-network SMS charge + $0.5 $2.22 + Intra-network SMS charge Intra-network SMS charge
Inter-network no. Inter-network SMS charge + $0.5 $2.22 +Inter-network SMS charge Inter-network SMS charge
To other countries/ destinations International SMS charge + $0.5 $2.22 + International SMS charge International SMS charge


  1. If customers receives any incoming call to his/her Macau CTM number while roaming in non "Macau 1-Card-Multi-Number" regions, and additional charge of $1.5/min will be required.
  2. The tariff may vary depending on exchange rate fluctuation, tax & the price changes by the visited networks.
  • “1-Card-Multi-Number”service value added service is calculated on a whole“Bill Month”basis. Customer is required to pay a full“Bill Month”service fee even if the service is used for less than a month. Bill month is defined as the period from the monthly invoice issuance day in any month to the day immediately preceding the same day of the following month.
  • While in Mainland China and Macau, use roaming call back service via *115* to call Hong Kong and your Hong Kong number will be shown on recipient's handset (charges are the same as direct dial method); For making Roaming Call Back Call from Macau to other destination, you need to pay the incoming fee which you located in Macau, plus the charge for IDD001 Service from Hong Kong to that destination.


"1-Card-Multi-Number" Value-added Service Remarks
  • To be eligible for subscribing for "1-Card-Multi-Number" Service, Customer will be required to subscribe for CMHK "IDD Service"/ "Hong Kong IDD001 & Mainland China Roaming IDD Service" and "Roaming Service" at the same time, and to enter into the relevant supplementary agreements from time to time prescribed by CMHK therefore.
  • By subscribing for "1-Card-Multi-Number" Service, Customer is entitled to enjoy "Hong Kong Ringback Tone Service" for free. This free offer will be forthwith terminated if the "1-Card-Multi-Number" Service is for any reason cancelled, suspended or terminated and "Hong Kong Ringback Tone Service" will forthwith become chargeable at CMHK's then prevailing rate.
  • The ''1-Card-Multi-Number" Service roaming tariff from time to time published by CMHK shall only be applicable to the usage within the ''1-Card-Multi-Number" regions only, which is depended on the range of partner networks' signal coverage. Roaming at any places outside ''1-Card-Multi-Number" regions will be charged at the prevailing normal international roaming tariff.
  • Incoming calls to customer's Mainland China Number/ Macau CTM Number will be forwarded to Voice Mailbox automatically if the customer is located in Hong Kong and is unavailable to receive the call. An additional charge of "Receiving incoming call by China Mobile number in Hong Kong"/ "Receiving incoming call by Macau CTM number in Hong Kong" will be applied.
  • Mainland China "1-Card-Multi-Number" service customers cannot subscribe $19 "International SMS Package" or $34 "Mainland China Roaming Package" at the same time.
  • "Macau 1-Card-Multi-Number" Service does not support "Bar Incoming Call (when overseas)". The availability of other value-added services in "1-Card-Multi-Number" service regions depends on the local network operator.
  • The tariff may vary depending on exchange rate fluctuation, tax & the price changes by the visited networks.
  • All service contents and charges are subject to change without further notice. In case of any dispute, CMHK reserves the right to make the final decision.