1-Card-Multi-Number Day Pass
1-Card-Multi-Number Day Pass

For short stay in Mainland China - stay connected with any Hong Kong or Mainland number for only $0.65/min; and send SMS for only $0.6/message.

Customers can activate 1-Day/ 7-Day “1-Card-Multi-Number” Day Pass anytime to enjoy special rates on cross-border voice and SMS services. No registration is required.

Subscription Method:

Day Pass Service Fee Subscription Method
1-Day Pass $5 per time *110*010#
7-Day Pass $9 per time *110*009#

Services & Charges

Voice Service In Mainland China In Hong Kong
Receive Incoming Calls
(per min)
via customer's Hong Kong number $0.65 Local airtime
via customer's Mainland number1 $0.65 Local airtime + $0.65
Make Outgoing Calls
(per min)
to China $0.65 Local airtime + China IDD charge
to Hong Kong $0.65 Local airtime
to other countries/ destinations Taiwan / Macau: $1.5
Others: $5.5
Satellite Phone Numbers
Local airtime + IDD charge


SMS Send SMS in Mainland China Send SMS in Hong Kong
To anywhere in China $0.5 + $0.1 $0.5 (originally $1.5)
To Hong Kong Intra-network no. Intra-network SMS charge + $0.1 Intra-network SMS charge
Inter-network no. Inter-network SMS charge + $0.1 Inter-network SMS charge
To other countries/ destinations International SMS charge + $0.1 International SMS charge


  • The dialing method of “1-Card-Multi-Number” service will be the same as that of Direct Dial Roaming, but China number will be displayed.
  • The validity period of “1-Card-Multi-Number” Pass will be at 23:59 of the last day.
  • The China number is assigned randomly and customer cannot return, choose or request to change to other China numbers. Customer cannot keep or use the allocated China number once the service has been expired or terminated due to whatever reasons.
  • 1-Day and 7-Day Pass will not be deactivated automatically at the expiry date, if you need to continue using Day Pass, please re-activate for the service.
  • The monthly fee of “1-Card-Multi-Number” VAS service will be automatically deducted every month. If you want to terminate the service, please call 2945 8888.
  • China "1-Card-Multi-Numer" service region now extended to the whole Mainland China.
  • While in China, use Roaming Call Back Service to call Hong and your Hong Kong number will be shown on recipient's handset (charges are the same as direct dial method). China “1-Card-Multi-Number” customer could enjoy the special rate when calling to designed countries/destinations by using *115* in Mainland China. For details please visit China "1-Card-Multi-Number" Roaming Call Back Service offer
  1. If customers receives any incoming call to his/her Mainland number while roaming in Hong Kong/other countries or destination, and additional charge of $0.65/min will be required.
  2. The tariff may vary depending on exchange rate fluctuation, tax & the price changes by the visited networks.