“1-Card-Multi-Number” Service
"1-Card-Multi-Number" Service
  • The best choice for frequent travelers between Hong Kong, China and Macau! "1-Card-Multi-Number" Service can let you have a Hong Kong number, a Mainland China number and/or a Macau mobile number in one single SIM card.
  • Hong Kong, China and Macau numbers can all receive incoming calls and SMS, no matter where you are. In any event, only Hong Kong mobile number will be exhibited when sending SMS. For details, please refer to the table below;
      Make calls from Mainland China Sending SMS (irrespective of the territory)
    Mobile Number Displayed on Recipient’s Phone Mainland China Mobile Number Hong Kong Mobile Number only
  • The corresponding mobile numbers will be changed automatically when you travel in and out of "1-Card-Multi-Number" regions. No call forwarding and no SIM card swapping needed.
  • Callers from China / Macau can call your Mainland / Macau number directly and save on IDD charges.
  • Comes with free "Hong Kong Ringback Tone" (originally $38/mth)
  • Regarding Real Name Registration Policy of the Mainland China
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To register or for more information on the "1-Card-Multi-Number" monthly plan, please fill in your contact number and we will contact you shortly. Or you may call 2211 7111 for details.

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