China Voice Roaming Value-added Service

For frequent cross-border travelers, our China “China Voice Roaming Value-added Service” can offer the ideal communications solution.

  • For China travelers.
  • While in China, stay connected with any Hong Kong or Mainland number for only $0.65/min; and send SMS for only $0.6/message.
  • Comes with free "Hong Kong Ringback Tone" (originally $38/mth)
  • By using China Mobile's quality network, you can enjoy roaming discounts and comprehensive services in more regions.
“China Voice Roaming Value-added Service” Charges

Voice Service

In Mainland China In Hong Kong
Receive Incoming Calls
(per min)
$0.65 Local airtime

Make Outgoing Calls
(per min)
to China $0.65 Local airtime + China IDD charge
to Hong Kong $0.65 Local airtime
to other countries/ destinations Taiwan / Macau: $1.5
Others: $5.5
Satellite Phone Numbers
Local airtime + IDD charge



Send SMS in Mainland China Send SMS in Hong Kong
To anywhere in China $0.5 + $0.1 $0.5 (originally $1.5)
To Hong Kong Intra-network no. Intra-network SMS charge + $0.1 Intra-network SMS charge
Inter-network no. Inter-network SMS charge + $0.1 Inter-network SMS charge
To other countries/ destinations International SMS charge + $0.1 International SMS charge  
Terms and Conditions
  • "China Voice Roaming Voice Value-added Service" applies to i) making calls (include dialing China/Hong Kong numbers) when visiting Mainland China; and ii) receiving calls in Mainland China.
  • “China Voice Roaming Value-added Service” is only applicable to new customer or existing customer subscribing designated service plans including “Supreme Greater China” 4G Service Plan/ “City Mover” Service Plan/ “21Mover” Service Plan/”Lite Mover” 4G Service Plan etc. Due to the vast variety of service plan, exhaustive list cannot be provided. For enquiries, please visit CMHK stores or dial Customer Care Hotline 29458888. Corporate Customer shall contact Corporate Service Hotline at 22117777 for enquiries.
  • Once customer has applied to use “China Voice Roaming Value-added Service”, "IDD Service - Hong Kong IDD001 & China Roaming IDD Service" and "International Roaming Service - Voice only" will also be activated automatically (will not apply to existing customers already subscribed International Roaming Service). Customer agrees to these terms and conditions together with the terms and conditions for “IDD service” and “International Roaming Service” of CMHK. For details, please visit “IDD service” and “International Roaming Service”.
  • If customer wishes to cancel "IDD Service - Hong Kong IDD001 & China Roaming IDD Service" and "International Roaming Service - Voice only”, customer will not be able to use the features in the selected “China Voice Roaming Value-added Service”.
  • If customer has used the selected “China Voice Roaming Value-added Service” for less than a month, customer will be charged for a full month's subscription fee on the monthly bill.
  • Roaming calls will be charged on a per-minute basis. Call duration is rounded up to full charge units for computation purposes.
  • After the “China Voice Roaming Value-added Service” is activated, customer can enjoy free “Hong Kong Ringback Tone Service”. If customer wishes to deactivate the selected “China Voice Roaming Value-added Service”, ”Hong Kong Ringback Tone Service” will continue to provide the Service on a monthly basis automatically and to charge at the prevailing monthly fees until such time customer provides notice of termination.
  • In the event of non-payment of any sum due or for any reason, China Mobile Hong Kong Co., Ltd. (“CMHK”) reserves the right to terminate “China Voice Roaming Value-added Service” without prior notice. Customer using roaming service overseas after the termination of the said package/service will be charged at the prevailing roaming rates.
  • If the signals of voice telephone calls connect directly to telecommunication networks that are outside of Mainland China, customer shall be solely responsible for the extra roaming charges incurred. CMHK will not assume any liability for the extra expenses caused.
  • CMHK shall not be liable for any loss or damage or disputes arising directly or indirectly from the overseas roaming usage. Regardless of whether such usage consumed is acknowledged, consented or authorized, customer shall bear the consequence arising thereof solely.
  • If Customer has subscribed “China Voice Roaming Value-added Service” cannot apply for $19 “International SMS Package” and/or “1-Card-Multi-Number” service simultaneously.
  • If customer has subscribed “China Roaming Package” and the minimum subscription period applicable to China Roaming Package” subscription has not yet expired, the remaining minimum subscription period will apply to the provisions of “China Voice Roaming Value-added Service” upon subscription.
  • CMHK reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of “China Voice Roaming Value-added Service” as well as the service contents and tariff without prior notice.
  • In case of any disputes, CMHK reserves the right to make final decision.