Roaming Destinations & Tariff

Seamless communications around the world! CMHK’s International Roaming Service reaches to more than 200 roaming destinations and over 300 roaming partners.

International Roaming Coverage and Tariff Enquiry

Our roaming service helps you stay in touch with friends, families and business partners via you mobile phone around the world. All CMHK customers can enjoy quality communications services, including voice, SMS and data, in over 200 countries and destinations right away with no registration or deposit required. You can use the following mobile app to check coverage and tariff information on CMHK’s overseas roaming, satellite roaming, maritime roaming and aerial roaming services.

Value-added Services

CMHK provides different value-added services, including Hong Kong Ringback Tone, Voice Mail and Roaming “Hong Kong News” to meet your different needs.

Mobile Apps

CMHK "Wi-Fi Connector" App offers an easier access to Wi-Fi hotspots provided by CMHK and its partners. Once applicable Wi-Fi hotspot is detected, you can connect to Wi-Fi service by just "one click", instead of entering the username and password every time.