Data Roaming Zone
Data Roaming Zone

“Data Roaming Zone” now covers 154 countries / destinations with 279 operators and divided into A, B and C total 3 zones with different charging methods that meets all your needs when roaming abroad.

  • Zone A (Mainland China, Macau & Taiwan): Pay per use and charging cap (One charging cap will apply for travelling in Mainland China/Macau on the same day.) without subscription (Applicable to customer with data and roaming service) , so you will not worry about charges.
  • Zone B (designated countries/destinations of Asia & Middle East): You can enjoy data service anytime on daily basis.
  • Zone C (designated countries/destinations of America, Australia & New Zealand, Europe, Africa): You can enjoy data service anytime on daily basis.

What's more, "Data Roaming Zone" will continue extending coverage and expanding the network choices to ensure that you can stay in touch with family, no matter where you go.

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