Jego had no longer provide services starting from 10 Jun 2018. Please visit Jego website for the arrangement.

Terms & Conditions
  • In no circumstances shall any amount credited to the Jego account be refunded, transferred or credited to any account of CMHK customer’s Service Plan.
  • Jego Service is provided by CMI. Customer agrees to be bound by the relevant terms and conditions as specified by CMI.
  • CMHK does not give any warranty in respect of the Jego Service (which includes, without limitation, the conditions or the quality of services provided by CMI).
  • Once Customer has completed the payment registration between CMHK Service Plan account and Jego account in Jego website, it signifies that the Customer has authorized CMHK to settle the amount in the registered Jego account by debiting the amount from his/her CMHK Service Plan account. The relevant fees will be shown on CMHK’s invoice.
  • CMHK will in no circumstances be liable to the Customer for any loss incurred (including but not limited to Customer’s disclosure of his/her password to any third party) and no refund for any transactions.
  • To deregister the CMHK Service Plan account and Jego account, Customer can do so through Jego website or change his/her CMHK password.
  • For any Jego application download or using the Jego service, data service is required and related data usage will be deducted from your data plan or you may need to pay those data charge. When downloading or using the applications during roaming, Customer also needs to pay the related data roaming charge.
  • I/We hereby declare that I/we have read the English and Chinese version of these terms and conditions and fully understand and accept its contents. In case of inconsistency between these two versions, the English version shall prevail.
  • CMHK reserves the right to vary or amend any of the terms and conditions herein contained at any time without giving notice.