Home Broadband
Home Broadband

*The customer subscribing to a “Home Broadband 100 / 500 / 1000” with 24-month contract can enjoy HKD$20 off monthly home broadband plan throughout the Minimum Subscription Period.

# From now until 30 June 2018, customers who register to any China Mobile Hong Kong Home Broadband service plan (24-month contract required) and activate successfully on or before 31 July 2018 to enjoy CMHK Special Edition Octopus Card (with an added value of HK$300/$300/$500) for free. The redemption SMS of CMHK Special Edition Octopus Card (with an added value of HK$300/$300/$500) will be dispatched within 8 weeks after activate successfully, the customer need to visit the designated outlets with redemption SMS and identity documents within 30 days to redeem the CMHK Special Edition Octopus Card.
^ Basic Installation Fee of $680 will be waived provided that the customer is committed to a 24-month Broadband Services contract.
  • The Customer is required to pay the monthly fee and associated fees for broadband-related services via credit card/bank account autopay during the Minimum Subscription Period.
  • Upon the expiry of the Minimum Subscription Period, the Broadband Service will automatically be provided to the Customer on a monthly basis and the Standard Monthly Fee of the Broadband Services being subscribed will apply.
  • The Customer may terminate the Broadband Service for any reason by providing notice to CMHK at least thirty (30) days prior to the requested termination date. If the Broadband Service is terminated prior to the end of the Minimum Subscription Period, the Customer will be subject to an Early Termination Fee as set forth here in below:
    Remaining months of the Minimum Subscription Period Early Termination Fee
    12 months and above Any previously installation charges waived (HKD$680.00)
    Remaining months x Standard Monthly Fee
    Less than 12 months Remaining months x Standard Monthly Fee
  • In the event of disconnection of the Broadband Service by the Customer for whatever cause, the Customer shall return the Equipment to CMHK shop in good condition (fair wear and tear excepted) within fourteen (14) days from the date of such disconnection, failing which, the Customer understands that the Equipment shall be deemed by CMHK to be lost, damaged beyond repair and/or destroyed and the Customer shall be liable to CMHK for all costs incurred by CMHK in the replacement thereof. The cost of replacement as set forth here in below:
    Equipment Replacement Cost*
    1)Optical Network Terminal; Adaptor; Optical Fibre HKD $1,500
    2)Adaptor HKD $100
    3)Optical Fibre HKD $50
    *All prices above will be subject to CMHK at the prevailing rate, and are subject to change.
  • CMHK reserves the right at all times to suspend all or any of the Broadband Services without notice whether or not to carry out system maintenance, upgrading, testing and/or repairs or otherwise as it deems appropriate. No credit or refund is available when all or any of the Broadband Services is down or suspended in any manner whatsoever.
  • CMHK reserves the right to the final decision on any dispute regarding these Terms and Conditions herein stated.
  • For specific terms and conditions of CMHK Broadband Services and Home Telephone Services, please visit here.