Tourist Talk Prepaid SIM Card
Tourist Talk Prepaid SIM Card
Tourist Talk Prepaid SIM Card

Sale of this Prepaid SIM Card is suspended

From 4 Dec 2017, in order to obtain a replacement SIM Card, customers are required to visit CMHK stores/customer centre to apply for an upgrade to 4G/3G Prepaid SIM Card. Once the upgrade is finished, the remaining stored value and mobile number of the original Prepaid SIM card will be transferred to the new Prepaid SIM Card. Handling fee will be waived for replacement made by 31 Dec 2019.

  • Free IDD to 31 Countries/Regions (only local airtime $0.25 will be charged) 
    - Fixed-line & Mobile: Mainland China, USA, Canada and Singapore
    - Fixed-line: Japan, Korea and 25 Countries/Regions
  • Enjoy IDD and roaming service with no deposit
  • Provides 1-day/7-day/30-day "Local Mobile Data Package"
  • Enjoy up to 33% of extra refill bonus
Starter Pack
Retail Price Stored Value1 Validity Period
$98 $98 90 Days
  1. Stored Value is used for deducting charges on local / roaming / IDD calls, and on various SMS, infotainment and download services.
Refill Amount and Validity Period

All refill methods entitle you to the corresponding extra stored value and validity period:

Recharge Amount
(per single recharge transaction)3
Extra Refill Bonus* Validity Period4,5
$10 - $49 ----- 30 days
$50 - $99 10% 180 days
$100 - $199
$200 - $299 20% plus $10 180 days
$300 or above

30% plus $10

180 days
*Promotion period until further notice.
  1. The minimum refill amount via PPS is $30.
  2. Every time your Prepaid SIM Card is refilled, the stored value validity period will be automatically extended starting from the date of refill. If the original validity period is longer, then the original validity period will prevail.
  3. Refill under $50 via service plan account will extend the stored value validity period to 63 days.
  4. Get extra $30 refill bonus upon refilling by $180 Electronic Refill Voucher. (The above 10% extra refill bonus offer does not apply in conjunction.)


Services & Charges
Services Charges
Local Airtime Charge 24-hour flat rate: $0.25/min


Designated Countries/Regions

Other Countries/Regions


Free + Local Airtime Charge (per minute basis)
IDD Call Charge (6-second per unit basis)+ Local Airtime Charge (per minute basis)
Roaming Service17 Roaming Service Tariff
International Call Forward International Call Forward Tariff

Short Message Service6,8

  • Local Intra-network SMS
  • Local Inter-network SMS
  • International SMS to Mainland China
  • International SMS
  • Intra-network SMS Package7,9,15





  • $0.1/SMS
  • $0.7/SMS
  • $0.5/SMS
  • $1.8/SMS
  • $8/month (with 3,000 Local Intra-network SMS)

Notice: Effective from 27 Dec 2018, usage of $8 Intra-network SMS Package will be revised from3,000 SMS to 100 SMS.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)8

  • Send MMS
  • Surcharge on sending International MMS


  • $0.5/SMS
  • $3/SMS
Calling Number Display Free
Missed Call Alert Free
Call Forwarding Service9 $15/month

Voice & Fax Mailbox9

Retrieve voice message

  • Dial 218 via your handset
  • Dial 92089218 via other phone

Print fax message

  • Dial 92089218 via a fax machine



  • Based on local airtime charge
  • Free


  • Free
Call Waiting & Call Hold Service10 Free
Conference Call Service11 Free
Quote Express $0.2/quote

"1-Card-Multi-Number" Day Pass


  • 1 Day Pass
  • 7 Day Pass
  • 30 Day Pass9

Notice: 1-Day/7-Day/30-Day “1-Card-Multi-Number" Service was not available for new subscriptions effective from 30 Nov 2015. Please be informed that auto-renewal of 30-Day "1-Card-Multi-Number" Day Pass will cease effective from 22 May 2017. Upon expiry of your Day Pass, your Mainland China mobile number will be discontinued. To keep your Mainland China mobile number, bring the SIM card holder to DESIGNATED CMHK Shops (Click here for details), submit Real Name Registration and migrate to “4G/3G 1-Card-2-Number Prepaid SIM Card” by 30 Jun 2017.

  • $8
  • $12
  • $20

(For “1-Card-Multi-Number” Day Pass voice charges and SMS tariff, please refer to related web page)

Mobile Data Service12,18

  • Local mobile Data Service18
  • Mobile Data Package13,18
    • 1-Day Package
    • 7-Day Package
    • 30-day package9

Note: The maximum data usage of 1-Day/7-Day/30-Day Mobile Data Package will be changed to 1GB with effective from 26 May 2016.

  • $9
  • $18
  • $38

To subscribe

  • Data Roaming Service18
    • Mainland China
    • Macau
    • Other countries/regions
  • $3.8/MB (Daily capped at $4816)
  • $0.01/KByte
  • $0.15/KByte
Download Services Charges counted on a per unit basis
(please refer to relatedweb page)

#333Connecting Tone14

  • Download


  • $5/ download
Hong Kong Ring Back Tone14 $8/month
198 Financial Link $1/min and deduct local inter-network airtime

- Free Wi-Fi service will be suspended with the effective date from April 1 2020, for enquiries, please call our customer care hotline at 2945 8888.

“Download Services” will be terminated on 16 December 2014, all downloaded content will not be affected.

  1. Add $3 for sending SMS while roaming abroad.
  2. Thereafter $0.1/SMS.
  3. Please check if applicable handset models are used to receive the content, and if the recipient's network is compatible. Otherwise customer could be charged even if the transmission is unsuccessful.
  4. The Monthly Fee will be automatically deducted every 30 days. The service will be terminated without prior notice if the stored value balance is insufficient. Customer must ensure the card has sufficient stored value and then re-subscribe the service in order to use the service again.
  5. When using the Call Waiting and Call Hold feature, subscribers need to pay the airtime charge for the first answered call, as well as the other calls answered or on hold at the same time. (IDD charge is applicable on IDD calls)
  6. When using the Conference Call feature, subscribers need to pay the airtime charge for all connected lines at the same time.
  7. At the start of each data connection, a stored value of around 150KB will be reserved. This reserved stored value cannot be used for deduction of any other fees or charges until the data connection is completely disconnected.
  8. Mobile Data Package is only applicable to using GPRS service in Hong Kong. GPRS roaming charge will be applied for using GPRS overseas.Starting from 1 Mar 2013, free Wi-Fi service is only applicable for 7-Day and 30-Day data package.
  9. The Monthly Fee will be automatically deducted every month. The service will be terminated without prior notice if the stored value balance is insufficient. Customer must ensure the card has sufficient stored value and then re-subscribe the service in order to use the service again.
  10. Intra-network SMS Package is not applicable for sending SMS via CMHK Web.
  11. Mainland China data roaming usage will be capped at $48 per day (Starting from the use of service until 23:59:59(HK Time) on the same day).
  12. IDD/Roaming call charges will apply once a call is answered (even if the call is answered by any automatic answering systems including announcement, tone machine, etc). In some circumstances, IDD/roaming call charges may still apply to the ringing time due to special call routing design of third party service providers in the event if a call is not answered.
  13. Mobile data service is provided via 2G/EDGE network.


Value-Added Services

“Download Services” will be terminated on 16 December 2014, all downloaded content will not be affected.

Distribution Channels

Sale of this Prepaid SIM Card is suspended.

Terms & Conditions
  • CMHK Tourist Talk Stored Value SIM Cards of China Mobile Hong Kong Co. Ltd. ("CMHK") cannot be used for calls to Infoline Call numbers with "900" prefix.
  • The use of the individual service shall be subject to such terms and conditions as stated on the relevant service leaflet or on CMHK relevant web page.
  • The dialing method for the roaming service of "Tourist Talk Prepaid SIM Card" is different from that of the general roaming service. Please refer to the User Guide or website of "Roaming Dialing Methods" for details.
  • The SIM Card is non-refundable and non-returnable.
  • The SIM Card must be activated on or before the expiry date stipulated thereon.
  • CMHK's administration or service monthly fee (if any) shall be deducted from the CMHK Tourist Talk Prepaid SIM Card.
  • When all stored value has been used up or the remaining stored value shall be inadequate for the deduction of administrational or service monthly fee, the service of SIM Card will be suspended.
  • Where a SIM Card has expired, or where service has been suspended for more than 30 days due to whatever reason, or where service has been terminated due to whatever reasons, the remaining stored value (if any) shall be non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • The stored value of CMHK "Tourist Talk Prepaid SIM Card" shall be valid for 90 days starting from the activation date, subject to the activation taking place within the stipulated validity period. For port-in customers switching with their own mobile number, the stored value validity period starts from the day the mobile number is successfully ported in.
  • CMHK will not be liable for any damages, however arising, of the card or responsible for repairing and making good therefor.
  • The mobile number is assigned randomly and Customer cannot return, choose or request to change to other mobile numbers. Customer will not be able to keep the allocated mobile number once the SIM Card has expired, or where its service has been suspended for more than 30 days due to whatever reasons or where its service has been terminated due to whatever reasons.
  • Calculation of call airtime is based on the network report of CMHK. In case of dispute, the statement of CMHK is conclusive and binding. All calculations are subject to such prevailing rates or tariff as CMHK shall from time to time impose.
  • CMHK is entitled at their full discretion to temporarily suspend any or all of the Services without notice to the Customer for the purpose of preventing any improper or abnormal use of CMHK's network or resources, fraudulent or deceptive acts until CMHK is satisfied that the Customer has ceased such acts or the relevant investigation has been completed. CMHK may assess abnormal usage based on comparisons to the usage patterns and levels of CMHK’s other customers, and/or based on whether such usage level is considered to have affected our other customers' ability to optimally use the same network or service.
  • CMHK reserves its absolute right to change the terms and conditions relating to the use of the SIM card including but not limited to the airtime or SMS tariffs or rates at any time without prior notice to or consent from the Customer.
  • The above information and rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Any change or amendment will be published on CMHK website.
  • For the details of the Terms and Conditions, pls. refer to