4G/3G China-HK Prepaid SIM Card
4G/3G China-HK Prepaid SIM Card
Price $120 Online Price $98
4G/3G China-HK Prepaid SIM Card
  • China Airtime $0.7/min up; HK Airtime 0.3/min up
  • China&Hong Kong Data Package10,14,15 $38/200M/30 up
  • Applicable to 4G networks in Mainland China and Hong Kong+
  • Data Roaming Service in China at only $1.5/MB29,30(Daily Capped at $4812)
  • Free Hong Kong Ring Back Tone
  • Enjoy up to 33% refill bonus
  • Only HK mobile number is provided

+ Handsets supporting TDD-LTE 4G network are required, for example, iPhone 6 or above, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, etc.

Notice: “CMHK 4G/3G China-HK Data & Voice Prepaid SIM Card” is renamed to “CMHK 4G/3G China-HK Prepaid SIM Card” from 13 December 2016. Charges, value-Added services, distribution channels, terms and conditions remain unchanged.