Voice Only Service Plans
Voice Only Service Plans
Monthly Fee
Special Monthly Fee
Local Airtime (min)4 1200 2800
Thereafter Local Airtime Charge (per minute) $0.2 $0.2
VAS Monthly Fee Waiver5 Call Forwarding Package, Basic Voice Mail6 and Other VAS7
  1. Customers can enjoy $18 MTR, Tunnels, Mobile Services License & Administration Fees ("Administration Fees") wavier during the 12-month contract period.
  2. The original monthly fee of Connecting Tone Service is $15. Customer subscribing above Voice Only Service Plan and signing a 12-month contract on the Connecting Tone Service can enjoy the offer.
  3. Customers can enjoy $8 Intra-network SMS Package to send 10,000 intra-network SMS per month. Additional intra-network SMS will be charged at $0.2/SMS. Inter-network SMS will be charged at $0.6 each.
  4. Time usage of less than one minute will be rounded up to one minute.
  5. Once the VAS offer expires, customers will automatically be charged $48/mth for the VAS package until the VAS package is terminated by the customer.
  6. To access your voice mail in Hong Kong through your handset, local airtime will be deducted. Roaming airtime charges apply if access in overseas.
  7. Other VAS includes Calling Number Display Call Waiting & Call Hold, Conference Call, Incoming/Outgoing Call Barring and Bar Incoming Call (When Overseas).
  • Data service is not available for the above service plan(including local & international).
  • Customers are required to sign a 12-month contract.
  • Please contact our sales representatives or visit CMHK website for service plans and privilege details.
  • The content of service plan and offer is subject to change without prior notice.
  • The above information is the latest service contents and tariff by CMHK and supersedes all information published before 12/06/2015.