4G Basic Data Service Plan
4G Basic Data Service Plan
Service Plan 4G Basic Data Service Plan
Special Monthly Fee1  $48
(Customers can enjoy $18 MTR, Tunnels, Mobile Services License & Administration Fees wavier during the contract period.)
Local Airtime (Minutes) 2,000
Thereafter Local Airtime Charge (per minute) $0.20
VoLTE & VoWi-Fi HD Voice Calling Service (local airtime)2 Unlimited
Local SMS Intra-network Free Intra-network SMS Package: 10,000 SMS/month. Thereafter $0.2/SMS
Inter-network $0.60
Free Monthly Fee VAS Offer Free Local Data usage 300MB3
(Purchase extra local data usage $10/200MB, purchase by replying the usage alert messages)
Call forward package, calling number display, basic voice mailbox, call waiting & call hold, conference call, incoming/outgoing call barring and bar incoming call (when overseas)

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Only applicable to customers signing up the designated service plan for at least 12-month contract. Basic monthly fee of the above service plans is $68. Customers can enjoy $18 MTR, Tunnels, Mobile Services License & Administration Fees wavier during the contract period.
  2. Local data usage/ Thereafter local airtime charge will not be deducted when using VoLTE Service & VoWifi Service. Local video call airtime will be charged when using VoLTE & VoWifi Local video call. The services require supported handset & software, please visit here.
  3. When the Free Local Data Usage is used up, customers can purchase $10/200MB Extra Local Data to continue using the local data service. Otherwise, the data service will be suspended until the next bill month. The extra data purchased can only be consumed in the current bill month. Data usage will be calculated according to Hong Kong Time 00:00 to 23:59.
  • If customers terminate the contract during the minimum contract period, customers are required to pay the liquidated damage as stated on the contract to CMHK.
  • Local video calls can only be used via 3G network mode. Intra-network local video call fee (per minute) is $1.5, Inter-network local video call fee(per minute) is $2.5.
  • Local MMS Charge: $1.5/ SMS.
  • 10,000 intra-network local SMS/month, thereafter $0.2/SMS. Inter-network local SMS is $0.6/SMS, Local MMS Charge is $1,5/SMS. Each SMS holds 160 English or 70 Chinese characters, including spaces and punctuation marks. If English and Chinese characters are included in 1 SMS, it can be held 70 characters only. If your message exceeds this limitation, it will be transmitted in form of multiple SMS and each SMS will be charged. Chinese-character display depends on individual handset model and overseas network operators.
  • Local data service is provided under CMHK 4G network. In those Hong Kong areas where the 4G networks are not available, CMHK will provide the service under 3G/2G network. Actual network service will be subject to and affected by the service locations, network circumstance, network coverage, hardware, software and other factors.
  • The roaming data and international airtime minutes of this service plan will be activated automatically. For roaming and IDD charges details, please visit here. If customers would disable the roaming data service, please deactivate via CMHK website/ MyLink.
  • Mainland China data roaming service is provided by China Mobile 2G, 3G TD-SCDMA or 4G TDD-LTE network; the service is not applicable to FTP, P2P applications (including BitTorrent, Peer Casting applications - including PP Stream, PPTV, etc). China Mobile's 3G TD-SCDMA/ 4G TDD-LTE network will be connected only with compatible handset device.
  • Airtime and data usage are applicable to local use and cannot be used to deduct Mainland China roaming usage. The above charges are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The above charges are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The above information is the latest service contents and tariff by China Mobile Hong Kong Co. Ltd. ("CMHK") and supersedes all information published before 26/7/2019.