“1-Card-Multi-Number” Day Pass

Notice: 1-Day/7-Day/30-Day “1-Card-Multi-Number" Service was not available for new subscriptions effective from 30 November 2015. Please be informed that auto-renewal of 30-Day "1-Card-Multi-Number" Day Pass will cease effective from 22 May 2017. Upon expiry of your Day Pass, your Mainland China mobile number will be discontinued.

To keep your Mainland China mobile number, please bring your SIM card holder and required documents* to the following CMHK Shops/Customer Center to submit Real Name Registration and migrate to “4G/3G 1-Card-2-Number Prepaid SIM Card” by 30 June 2017. Eligible customers who successfully migrate to “4G/3G 1-Card-2-Number Prepaid SIM Card” can enjoy extra $50 stored value! For enquiries, please call CMHK Customer Care Hotline 29458888.

  • Causeway Bay Shop - G/F, 70 Percival Street (Business Hours: Everyday 11:00am - 10:00pm)
  • Kwun Tong Shop - Shops 47-51, Portion A-B, G/F, Yue Man Centre, 300-302 Ngau Tau Kok Road (Near China Travel Service, Business Hours: Everyday 10:30am - 09:30pm)
  • Yuen Long Shop - Shop A320, Level 3, Yoho Mall II, Yuen Long (Business Hours: Everyday 10:30am - 9:30pm)
  • Sheung Shui Shop - Shop 201B, Metropolis Plaza, 8 Lung Wan Street, Sheung Shui (Business Hours: Everyday 10:30am - 9:30pm)
  • Customer Center (Mongkok) - Rm 917-919, 9/F, Park-in Commercial Centre, 56 Dundas Street, Mongkok (Near Gala Place, Business Hours: Everyday 10:00 am - 9:00 pm)

*Documents Required for Real Name Registration
  • Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents; or
  • Mainland China ID Card; or
  • Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents; or
  • Foreign Passport
For charges and service details of “4G/3G 1-Card-2-Number Prepaid SIM Card” ,please click here

Anti-fraud Alert: Under NO circumstances will we or any Mainland China Authorities make phone calls to you to collect your bank account information, passwords or personal data.


Airtime Charge

Voice Calls From HK From Mainland China From other countries
Make Outgoing Calls
(per minute)
To HK Local Airtime Charge $1 Roaming Charge
To Mainland China Mainland China IDD Charge* $0.65
To Taiwan/Macau IDD Charge* $2.65
To other countries IDD Charge* $8.65
Receive Incoming Calls
(per minute)
Via China Mobile HK no. Local Airtime Charge $0.65
Via China Mobile Mainland China no. Local Airtime Charge + $1 $0.65 Roaming Charge + $1


SMS Charge

SMS From HK From Mainland China From other areas of Mainland China or other countries
Received by China Mobile HK no. Free
Received by China Mobile Mainland China no.
To any no. in HK Local SMS Charge Local SMS Charge + $0.2 Local SMS Charge + $3
To any no. in Mainland China International SMS Charge International SMS Charge + $0.2 International SMS Charge + $3
To other countries International SMS Charge International SMS Charge + $0.2 International SMS Charge + $3


* In addition to IDD call charge, local airtime will be charged (per minute basis).

  • To ensure you can enjoy "1-Card-Multi-Number" service, please subscribe this service in Hong Kong.
  • "1-Card-Multi-Number" service is valid until 23:59 of the expected day of expiry.
  • China Mobile Mainland China number is assigned randomly and customer cannot return, choose or request to change to other Mainland China numbers. Customer will not able to keep the allocated mobile number once "1-Card-Multi-Number" service has been suspended.
  • Customer can not request a porting of their own Mainland China number to "1-Card-Multi-Number" service. If at any time customer unilaterally terminates "1-Card-Multi-Number" service, the Mainland China number shall be forthwith surrendered and returned to China Mobile Communications Corporation.
  • In addition to the Hong Kong Number provided by CMHK, “1-Card-Multi-Number” Day Pass Customer will also be assigned a Mainland China Number provided by China Mobile Communications Corporation. The use of the Mainland China Number is subject to the laws, rules and regulations of People’s Republic of China.
  • "1-Card-Multi-Number" service must be used in conjunction with roaming service.
  • 30-Day Pass will be reactivated on the next day of the expiry date, please ensure that you have enough stored value to pay for "1-Card-Multi-Number" service, otherwise this service along with your China Mobile Mainland China number will be cancelled automatically.
  • 1-and 7-Day Passes will not reactivate automatically, if you need to continue using "1-Card-Multi-Number" service, please re-activate for this service.
  • The dialing method of "1-Card-Multi-Number" service is the same as Direct Dial Roaming.
  • * 130 * Roaming does not applicable to "1-Card-Multi-Number" customers in Mainland China.
  • If Customer has activated Call Forwarding Service, incoming calls to both Hong Kong Number and Mainland China Number will hence be forwarded to the same designated Hong Kong Number. The charge is $1 per minute for incoming calls to Mainland China Number being forwarded.
  • If Customer has activated Voice & Fax Mailbox Service, all unreachable incoming calls to Mainland China Number will be diverted to voice mail automatically. The charge is $1 per minute.
  • If customers are calling from Mainland China, the recipient’s handset will display the China Mobile Mainland China numbers. However as for SMS, no matter where you are, the text recipient’s handset will always display your Hong Kong mobile number. Incoming calls display application will vary depending on service provider and the recipient’s mobile service provider.
  • Service details and charges are subject to change without further notice. In case of any dispute, CMHK reserves the right to the final decision.