Data Roaming Service Tariff1
Country/Region Designated Operators2 Pay-Per-Use Charge
Daily Charge Cap2
 Mainland China3 CMCC (4G4) $1.5/MB HK$68
 Japan  Softbank (4G4)  $5/MB
 Singapre  SingTel   
 Macau  SmarTone
 Taiwan Taiwan Mobile (4G4) / Chunghwa Telecom (4G4)
Note: The Pay-Per-Use Charge of Australia Optus will be changed to $0.15/KB and its Daily Charge Cap will be cancelled with effect from 21 December 2015.
 Indonesia  Indosat
 Qatar  Qtel
 Saudi Arabia
 South Korea
SK Telecom (4G4) $10/MB
 Philippines  Globe Telecom (4G4)
 Malaysia Digi
 Bahrain  Viva
 New Zealand
Telecom New Zealand  $5/MB HK$118
 Thailand  AIS  $10/MB
Other Countries/ Regions/ Non-designated Operators $0.15/KB -
  1. At the start of each data connection in HK / abroad, a stored-value of equivalent to no more than 15MB data usage will be reserved; it cannot be used for deduction of any other fee or charges until the data connection is completely disconnected. The service will be terminated without prior notice if the stored value balance is insufficient. Customer must ensure the account has sufficient stored value and then re-subscribe the service in order to use the service again.
  2. According to the data usage consumed per designated Operator between Hong Kong Time 00:00 to 23:59 per-day in each country/region.
  3. When data usage consumed in Mainland China between 00:00 to 23:59 (Hong Kong Time) reached to 1GB each day, you can still enjoy data service in Mainland China. Data access speed is maintained at not less than 128kbps. Tethering, P2P applications (incl. Bit-Torrent) will not be supported.
  4. When customer is located out of 4G coverage in HK or designated country/region, CMHK/designated operators will provide service via 3G/2G network. Provision of 4G network service is subjected to applicable 4G device used by customer. Actual data transmission speed may vary due to many factors, including but not limited to network provider, network usage, handset model, setting (including handset hardware and software), upload/download content and other external factors.