CMHK Back To School Double Offer

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* Customer is required to commit twelve (12) months contract (“Minimum Service Period”). If Customer wishes to terminate the service within the Minimum Service Period, the Customer shall pay CMHK liquidated damages above mentioned. Liquidate damages will be waived if Customer presents proof of graduation letter before the expiry of three (3) months from the Minimum Service Period.
  • Besides the above designated handset models, Back-to-school handset offer will update upon market situation & physical inventory, please visit China Mobile Hong Kong Shops or call customer hotline for more details.
  • The above listed service plans and offers valid until 30 September,2016 and are only applicable to full time local Tertiary student and upon presentation of a valid student ID card. For student under the age of 18, his/her parent or guardian must execute the service contract, for and on behalf of the student. The offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.
  • Customers are required to pay an additional $18 per month for MTR, Tunnels, Mobile Services License & Administration Fees.
  • For Supreme Greater China 4G Service Plan subscribers, to enjoy the data usage while roaming in Mainland China / Macau / Taiwan, customer is required to activate the data roaming service and it is only applicable to designated roaming operators: Mainland China is provided by China Mobile 4G network, Macau is provided by CTM 4G network, and Taiwan is provided by Chunghwa Telecom 4G network / Far EasTone 3G network. Network service is subject to the device used by the customer. Data usage shall not be used for FTP, P2P applications (including BitTorrent, Peer Casting applications - including PP Stream, PPTV, etc)
  • Both 4G Pro Local Service Plan and Supreme Greater China 4G Service Plan preset a data usage upper limit: On 1GB Service plan, data usage upper limit presets at 1GB; On 3GB Service plan, data usage upper limit presets at 3GB; On 6GB Service plan, data usage upper limit presets at 6GB; On 10GB Service plan, data usage upper limit presets at 10GB. Customers are required to adjust it via CMHK Website / Mobile Applications, CMHK shops or customer service hotline in order to enjoy the offer. When data usage reaches the defaulted or self-set usage level, local, Mainland China, Macau and Taiwan data service will be temporarily suspended until the next bill month. All settings once made, it will be set as the base level for the rest of the bill months until further adjustment.
  • CMHK reserves the right to modify or end the campaign, amend the terms and conditions of the campaign at any time without prior notice. In case of disputes, CMHK reserves the right to make final decision.