CMHK x Samsung 5G Galaxy Pass

Still putting up with your old smartphone just to wait for the launch of 5G smartphones? Get a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB/512GB) at Contract Special Price6, at the same time, get a CMHK x Samsung 5G Galaxy Pass at $1002 NOW. With the pass, you can trade-in your Galaxy Note 10+ to Samsung HK’s first flagship 5G mobile for FREE9 within 14 days after its launch date and enjoy 10,000 MyLink points rebate5. What are you still waiting for ? ACT NOW!




Terms and Conditions for CMHK x Samsung 5G Galaxy Pass:

  1. Promotion is valid from today to 28 February 2020 (”Promotion Period”).
  2. “CMHK x Samsung 5G Galaxy Pass” (“5G Galaxy Pass”) is jointly organized by Samsung Electronics Hong Kong Company Limited ("Samsung") and China Mobile Hong Kong Co. Ltd. ("CMHK"). It is only applicable to new/existing customers who subscribe to a designated service plan for 24 months. Customers must purchase a Galaxy Note10+ (256GB/512GB) during the Promotion Period in order to be entitled to get a 5G Galaxy Pass at HK$100. 5G Galaxy Pass fee will be rebated to Privilege Club members after Promotion Period. Each designated service plan subscription can be used to enjoy this Offer once only.
  3. Customers, who bought a 5G Galaxy Pass, will be eligible to trade-in the purchased Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB/512GB) as described in Clause 2 above at CMHK shops up to its suggested retail price and exchange for a Samsung HK’s first flagship 5G Smartphone (“5G Smartphone”) within the first two (2) weeks from the launch date of 5G Smartphone ("Validity Period"). Customers must, at the same time, subscribe to a designated 5G service plan or upgrade / re-contract to a designated service plan with monthly fee of HK$ 298 or above for 24 months (Service plans may vary and subject to availability). The 5G Galaxy Pass will expire automatically after Validity Period.
  4. Only 500 quotas are available for use of 5G Galaxy Pass to exchange for 5G Smartphone, limited offer while stocks last.
  5. Customer who bought 5G Galaxy Pass can enjoy 10,000 MyLink Points Offer (except Privilege Club members). MyLink Points will be credited to the customer's MyLink account within 7 working days upon the promotion period end. Customers can redeem reward(s) with the credited Points by login to MyLink App at “MyLink Points” page. For MyLink Points expiry date and more details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions under “MyLink Points” of MyLink App.
  6. Contract Special Price is only applicable to existing customers who subscribe to 4.5G Full Speed Local Service Plan, Bay Area Service Plan, “Supreme” Service Plan, School 4.5G Full Speed Service Plan and 4.5G Full Speed Share Service Plan (cannot be used in conjunction with $2,400 Handset Discount) for 24 months and purchase Galaxy Note10+ (256GB/512GB) at the same time. Each service plan subscription is entitled to this Offer once only. An additional 12 months handset contract is required.
  7. 5G Smartphone’s launch date to be announced soon. Please visit for the latest information.
  8. The actual trade-in value of the Galaxy Note10+ will be determined and assessed by its condition. If the Galaxy Note10+ is found to have any cosmetic or functional defects, or other abnormal working conditions, including but not limited to the following, the actual trade-in value will be different to its suggested retail price.
  • Whether it is able to unlock all settings or log out the device accounts (Samsung, Google etc.)
  • Any cosmetic scratches or damages
  • Whether the device is warped
  • Whether the touch screen, Wi-Fi, face recognition, camera, fingerprint, buttons and battery are functional properly
  • Whether the calls and signals are normal (with SIM card)
  • Whether it is able to turn on and operate
  • Whether the display is in good condition (e.g. screen flickering, discolouration, no display, vertical line(s), dead pixels, obvious signs of liquid damage, etc)
  • Any cracks on the device or, if the S Pen is lost
  1. The actual trade-in value of Galaxy Note10+ will be directly used as a rebate of the exchange of 5G Smartphone. If the actual trade-in value is less than the suggested retail price of 5G Smartphone, customer is required to pay for the difference.
  2. Customer must backup or transfer all device data before trading-in the Galaxy Note10+ and should reset the smartphone to default factory setting in order to remove and clear respective important and personal data. Samsung and CMHK shall in no event be responsible for any data or monetary loss resulting from the trade-in. No return of Galaxy Note10+ when the trade-in is done.
  3. CMHK and Samsung will not trade-in any Galaxy Note10+ altered or repaired by any third party other than Samsung, and such Galaxy Note10+ will not be entitled to enjoy the offer of 5G Galaxy Pass.
  4. 5G Galaxy Pass is not applicable to customers who purchase Galaxy Note 10+ with Flagship Handset Subscription Extra Discount.
  5. Unless expressly stated herein, 5G Galaxy Pass cannot be used together or in conjunction with other CMHK and 5G Handset’s offers.
  6. Samsung will not guarantee the availability and delivery of 5G Smartphone. Customer is required to perform its obligations under the subscribed service plan with CMHK even if he/she no longer wishes to exchange for a 5G Smartphone with 5G Galaxy Pass.
  7. CMHK and Samsung reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, the decision of CMHK and Samsung shall be final.


  • CMHK reserves the right to modify or terminate the above offers or content, amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of any dispute, CMHK reserves the right of final decision.
  • The above information is the latest service contents and tariff by China Mobile Hong Kong Co. Ltd. ("CMHK") and supersedes all information published before 13/1/2020.