China Mobile Hong Kong Launches New Corporate Brand, plus Commercial Brand “and!”

China Mobile Hong Kong pledges to build “a new dream” with customers; debuts two new brands and innovative services

China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited (China Mobile Hong Kong) today announced the launch of a new commercial brand, “and!”, as well as a new twin logo. The new branding reflects the company’s dynamism aligned with the premier mobile network operator’s refreshed corporate image. With this launch, China Mobile Hong Kong aims to deepen relationships with its customers while continuing to deliver innovative and customized value-added services.

The New Colorful, Sleek Brand Logo Represents Dynamism and Innovation
China Mobile Limited is introducing a brand new corporate logo. The corporation has retired the word “communications” from its official Chinese brand name, becoming “China Mobile”. The previous circular frame in the logo has been removed for a cleaner look and feel. The use of light blue and green reflects the company’s dynamism and energy. The refreshed logo reflects the organization’s business focus on vitality and innovation.

Building “A New Dream” with Customers; Introducing New Commercial Brand “and!”
China Mobile Limited has also launched new commercial brand, “and!”. This not only means “connection and “communication”, but also denotes the notion of pursuing “A New Dream” – the first three letters form the acronym of the new brand slogan. Fulfilling the brand vision of “a new dream”, China Mobile Limited has launched 4G services which enable customers to live an ultrafast 4G mobile internet lifestyle. Aligned with this vision, China Mobile Hong Kong is also revamping its corporate and commercial brands while rolling out a series of new innovative services in a hope to build “a new dream” with customers (“and!”).
Pioneering “Dual mode, Tri-band” 4G Network: Significant Improvements in Network Capacity, Speed and Coverage
Last year, China Mobile Hong Kong launched the first TD-LTE and LTE FDD converged network in Hong Kong, and this year we have also been aggressively upgrading the 1800MHz spectrum to 4G LTE network infrastructure to deliver full network coverage. With these significant network upgrades, we are well-positioned to become the city’s only carrier to operate a “dual mode, tri-band” 4G network.

At the same time, China Mobile Hong Kong took the lead to deploy the LTE2600MHZ band for MTR’s infrastructure expansion projects. A faster and more reliable 4G LTE network from Hong Kong to Kowloon station is expected to be available by mid-February 2014. In the coming year, the 4G LTE coverage will even be extended to other MTR stations. The significant 4G service improvements in network capacity, speed and coverage enable customers to benefit from faster, more capacity, stable and wider-reaching mobile network services.

One-Stop-Shop 1cm App and Website: Monitoring Data Usage and Communications in One Go
China Mobile Hong Kong is dedicated to providing innovative and customized services to its customers. In September, the leading carrier rolled out its 4G Pro Service Plan which enables subscribers to upgrade plans according to their specific needs.

China Mobile Hong Kong specially designed 1cm, a one-stop-shop communications platform and it is the perfect communications assistant for the subscribers of China Mobile Hong Kong’s 4G Pro Service Plan. Through the 1cm app and website, customers can check their data usage balance as well as adjust and pre-set a data usage cap to avoid additional charges. Customers can also upgrade their service plan if they discover that their data usage exceeds their plan’s limit. As a one-stop-shop, 1cm not only allows customers to check their call details and SMS records but also enables them to subscribe to and change all types of value-added services provided by China Mobile Hong Kong.

2cm, An Innovative Data Exchange Platform: Empowering Customers to Make the Best Use of Their Data
Today, China Mobile Hong Kong launched an innovative data exchange platform “2cm: 2nd exchange market” that enables customers to generate new value from unused data.

Through the 2cm app, all China Mobile Hong Kong 4G Pro Service Plan customers can trade their own data. For instance, if a customer (buyer) expects that their data usage will exceed their designated monthly data usage limit, they can buy extra data from other 4G Pro Service Plan customers to meet their data needs. Conversely, other 4G Pro Service Plan users (sellers) can also sell data they’re not planning to use via the 2cm platform to other 4G Pro subscribers.

Data can be traded in units of 1GB and each customer can set their own price per unit, between HK$15 to HK$60. Transactions are calculated in Hong Kong dollars and rounded to the nearest dollar. Through the 2cm platform, users can check data transaction status, adjust prices and numbers of new orders at any time. The platform will automatically search for, match and notify 4G data sellers once a 4G data buyer is found. Extra data bought from other 4G Pro users can only be used during the same billing month.

For each successful transaction China Mobile Hong Kong will charge data sellers an administration fee of HK$15 for each gigabyte of data from their bills of the following month. Similarly, revenues received from selling the extra data will also be deducted from the following monthly bill payment and fees incurred from additional local data usage. Yet, the remaining amount cannot be carried forward to the next billing month.

All valid transactions will be processed through mobile subscribers’ accounts (both data buyers’ and sellers’) and listed on their monthly bills. In celebration of the launch of the “2nd exchange market”, China Mobile Hong Kong has rolled out a “zero administration fee promotion” for all local 4G Pro Service Plan subscribers. The administration fee will be waived for every data transaction conducted through the 2cm platform from December 19, 2013 to March 31, 2014.


About China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited

China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited ("CMHK") is the wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile Limited (HKEx: 941) (NYSE: CHL). The Company was incepted in January 1997 and was the first PCS operator to launch the services in Hong Kong.

CMHK’s 4G LTE service covers both LTE FDD and TD-LTE two major standards, and it has launched the converged LTE network in 2012. The Company provides customers with innovative and comprehensive communications services, including voice, data, IDD and international roaming through 4G LTE, 3GHSPA, GPRS, EDGE and other advanced technologies.

CMHK extends its business in the multimedia value-added services market. The Company has launched the cross-platform CMHK SOLITON music service and the cross-network multi-platform UTV mobile TV service in 2012.

Riding on the strong support of its parent company China Mobile, CMHK has launched a series of cross-border mobile services for customers travelling between Hong Kong, China and around the world. Its ‘1-Card-Multi-Number’ (1CMN), Multi-SIM data sharing, Data Roaming Zone and BlackBerry service plans are especially welcomed by frequent travelers.

The Company has been named as a "Caring Company" since 2002, and a recognized merchant under the "Quality Tourism Service" scheme since 2004.

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