Enterprise Messaging Solution
Enterprise Messaging Solution

With CMHK Corporate SMS Services, a lot of potential applications can be fully and easily be deployed. With our simple and easy to use web-based interface, corporate users are easy to send or broadcast SMS to a list of recipients.

Potential Applications

Here are some of the examples for using our Corporate SMS solution for efficiency enhancements.

  1. Internal Communications
  • Executives on-the-move with their Personal Assistant and Secretaries
  • Staff Notification and New Broadcasts
  1. Customer Services
  • Order and Advice Notification
  • Record for amendment and order confirmation
  1. Direct Marketing
  • Effective Tool for targeted advertising
  • Cost effective Tool compared with other alternatives
  1. Workforce Automation
  • Simple to use tool for job dispatch
  • Platform ready for workforce automation customization

Key Services Differentiations for CMHK Corporate SMS Services
  1. Web based Interface
  • CMHK Corporate SMS provides User Friendly web based interface for all Corporate Customers to send, receive SMS, upload and download phonebook as well as administrative issues including user creation, delete and maintenance, report generation etc.
  • No client software is required. Users can send SMS with web-enable PCs anywhere to cater for the corporate SMS requirements.
  1. Secured and protected Platform
  • CMHK Corporate SMS Services provide 128 bit SSL Encryption is used for internet message protection by using the leading internet security Verisign, the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world of Internet infrastructure services for the digital world, as encryption service partner. Definitely we can be the most trust-worthy solution compared with our corporate SMS service providers.
  1. Double Password Authentication
  • CMHK Corporate SMS Services also provide an optional feature to enhance security
  • Our Corporate SMS platform can generate an optional one time password to pre-registered mobile number for user log in authentication. Thus, it can give you more confidents to minimize the risk of internet security against hacker or unauthorized users as well.
  1. Flexible Pricing
  • In order to cater different business requirements for corporate users, CMHK is able to provide a lot of different charging mechanism to provide for the choice of Corporate Customers catering their requirements. For detail pricing and quotation request, pls feel free to contact our Corporate Sales hotline at 92047777 or email at corpsales@hk.chinamobile.com for detail.

Successful Case
  • A Listed Financial Company Strengthens Relationships with Existing Customers By CMHK EMS 
    CMHK’s client is a well-known listed financial company with business all over the world. To maintain customer relationships, this client chose CMHK EMS product to send notifications for balance and membership update, and promotion messages to existing customers based on their needs and preferences, which is a lost-cost communication method with outstanding effect and instant deliverability.
  • A Well-known Sports Organization Uses CMHK EMS as Marketing Strategy
    CMHK’s client is a local well-known sports organization. In order to increase the enrolment for training classes, client selects CMHK EMS product as a marketing tool to send promotion messages to different targeted groups, which brings high open rate and high conversation rate.
  • A Large Education Organization Builds Communication Channel With Students By CMHK EMS
    CMHK’s client is a local sized education organization. The news release on existing channels is very low-efficient. To solve the problem, our client uses CMHK EMS product as a broadcast that is more responsive and speedy, which delivers news to students the first time around.
  • A Local Government Organization Builds Communication Platform By CMHK EMS 
    CMHK’s client is one of the biggest local government organizations. CMHK EMS provides it with a low-cost, convenient and quick communication platform to send meeting and event notifications, schedule reminders, and urgent news, in order to achieve the goal of highly efficient communications.