Fixed-line Voice Service


Infinite Voice

CMHK Infinite Voice can greatly minimise the upfront installation and maintenance costs through one monthly fee that includes a brand new business phone, telephone line services, all maintenance charges and value-added services. Leveraging cloud technology and CMHK’s fibre network, Infinite Voice is a hosted voice solution with a full set of cloud-based unified communications features.


Features and Benefits

No Upfront Investment

Reduce investment for telephone systems (PABX and Keyline) and phones

No Maintenance Cost

One monthly fee includes all maintenance charges within the contract period

Scale On-demand

Highly flexible system adds new extensions as needed within a short period of time


Keep phone features up-to-date without the hassle of upgrading phone equipment and software

Simple Management

Single vendor for comprehensive solutions with self-administrative portal

Manage Multi-location with Ease

Treat all locations as one centrex group for easier management


Enterprise SIP Trunk

CMHK Enterprise SIP Trunk is fully designed to enhance and support a full range of business communications. Utilising the customer’s network as its focal point, Entreprise SIP Trunk significantly reduces telecom overheads while offering a comprehensive set of features.


Features and Benefits


Geographic Redundancy Exchange

Actively monitors connections to Telephone Exchange site, and automatically re-routes calls to an alternative Telephone Exchange during connection failure

Efficient Multi-site Interconnection

Multiple offices are treated as one logical Direct Inward Dial (DID) group, connecting all locations for one voice network

On-Demand Burstable Channels

Allows ad-hoc campaigning through quick implementation, all without need for long-term investment of extra channels

Flexible Scaling

Scaling to meet extra call capacity is quick and effortless, and requires no additional wiring or trunk card investment



Business Line

CMHK Business Line provides a wide range of professional grade telephony services that enhance your business operations

  • Direct Line
Call Forwarding Bundle   Call Waiting   Caller Number Display   
Conference Calling Accessibility   Block-the-Blocker Functionality   Speed Dialing
Do-not-Disturb Messages   CND Per Line Blocking   Remote Call Forwarding   
Duplex Ringing Recognition   Voice Mail and Voice Email
  • Fax Line

For customers who handle a high volume of faxes, a dedicated fax line makes all the difference. When additionally equipped with ESeeFax, you’ll be able to receive faxes anytime, anywhere.

  • ESeeFax

Receive faxes directly from specified email addresses. Electronic delivery makes it more convenient and efficient to store, transfer and archive files.

  • Hunting Line

With a Hunting Line, incoming calls are automatically switched to an open line during busy time. This service is especially designed to allow commercial businesses to configure how incoming calls are handled, thus eliminating missed calls and long-waiting business opportunities.

  • Direct Dial In (DDI)

DDI enables customers to directly connect incoming calls to their Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) system without going through an operator. DDI also separates incoming and outgoing calls, greatly reducing the number of missed incoming calls caused by a "busy line".

  • Integrated Digital Access-P (IDA-P)

IDA-P offers high quality, multi-line calls and voice communication capabilities between an enterprise’s equipment and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Utilising an uninterrupted, 24-channel digital connection, CMHK IDA-P has everything you need to improve the efficiency of your business communications.

  • Centrex

Centrex enables customers to flexibly adjust the number of lines as business expands. Service features include Call Waiting, Speed Dial, Call Transfer, Call Pick-Up and Extension Dialing.


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