Leased Line Data Service
Leased Line Data Service



Metro IP-VPN

CMHK Metro IP-VPN offers a secure VPN service using various deployment scenarios to customers. Communication and multiple IP applications are supported over the VPN among all sites. Flexible support of various topologies: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and anypoint-to-anypoint.


Features and Benefits

Secure Access

Information exchange done securely via dedicated connections or via remote communications with a corporate network

Quality Network

Connecting customer sites to CMHK’s MPLS PoPs, for voice, data and video services with guaranteed quality

Comprehensive Reporting

Real-time network utilisation monitoring, MRTG Report and immediate fault-handling



CMHK MetroNet is a private Ethernet network supported by a Layer 2 network that empowers customers with full control of network IP configurations. Providing high bandwidth Ethernet connectivity for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and any-to-any, with speeds maximum of 1Gbps, customers can choose the connection speed that best suits them in each single point of location within the network.


Features and Benefits


Private Network

A separate Virtual LAN (VLANs) at low latency is assigned, enabling a private network for businesses

Dual Path Fibre Infrastructure

Maintain high service availability over a fast, fully redundant topology

Ethernet Interface

Directly connect to a business’ Ethernet Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)

Ownership of IP Architecture

Retain end-to-end ownership and control IP addressing and router tables

Simplified Network Architecture

Run multiple applications on a single private network and add new sites to the network or upgrade bandwidth


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