Enterprise SMS DIY Introduction
Enterprise SMS DIY Introduction
  1. CMHK provides the interface for corporate customers to send/receive SMS with API call. Customized services could be provided based on different demands. For example:
    • SMS for user authentication (e.g. banking online registration, online payment)
    • SMS reminder (e.g. flight SMS reminder; medical appointment reminder)
    • SMS Enquiry (e.g. SMS for real-time stock price)
    • SMS promotion
  2. Customized Sender ID:
    • Real phone No.
    • Customized sender ID (e.g. BOC, ICBC, CCB)
  3. SMS DIY Advantages:
    • Convenience: bypass manual work (e.g. confirmation of ticket and seat reservations)
    • Value-add option for customers: allow customers to complain, complement or contact them via SMS

Enterprise SMS DIY Use Case
Industry Use Case
Business Service HR staff match: An SMS will be sent with the location and time of the shift, the employee must respond via SMS with his availability and the shift schedule will be automatically generated.
Utilities paying for goods, services or products via a text message sent from a mobile phone
Finance and Insurance a method of authenticating the identity of a user at the transaction level
Health care Sending SMS to remind the client the appointment
Transport To inform passenger the update information of their flight