CMHK “eShop 6th Anniversary Thankful Sale” Campaign (“Campaign”) Terms and Conditions
CMHK “eShop 6th Anniversary Thankful Sale” Campaign (“Campaign”) Terms and Conditions
  1.  This Campaign commences from Hong Kong time 10 Jul 2020 10:00am to 9 Aug 2020 23:59pm (“Campaign Period”).
  2. All offers available in this Campaign are only applicable to online subscription through China Mobile Hong Kong Co., Ltd (“CMHK”) Website (“Online Channel“) and shall be bound by all relevant terms and conditions.
  3. The Customer must collect the ordered product(s) and / or complete the relevant service subscription procedure(s) as required by CMHK at the designated CMHK shop within 14 days (unless CMHK otherwise specified a specific time limit) after completion of Ordering Process at CMHK Online Shop, failing which, CMHK is entitled to cancel the order. The Customer shall be deemed to have abandoned the ordered goods and/or service (‘the said Items”), and the CMHK is entitled to dispose the said Items in any manner it thinks fit without accountable to the Customer for any refund, or any loss and/or damages.
  4. Customers have to successfully subscribe the designated service plan with 24-month contract through the online shop during the promotion period can enjoy a monthly waiver of $18 admin fee during the contract period. The promotion period is until further notice.
  5. Customers who online register to 5G mobile service plan with 24-month contract in the campaign period and activated their account within 120 days can enjoy extra 20,000 MyLink Points. MyLink Points will be credited to the customer’s MyLink account within 120 days upon service activated successfully.  
  6. "3 Exceptional Rewards" is only applicable to new customers with contract period not less than 24 months. The designated service plans are: 5G service plan / 4.5 full speed local service plan / 4.5G full speed share service plan / School 4.5G full speed local service plan / Bay Area service plan / "Supreme" service plan. The promotion period is until further notice. MyLink points will be credited to the customer's MyLink account within 7 days after the service is successfully activated.
  7. 20,000 MyLink Points can redeem $ 200 payment e-Cash coupon or gift(s) of equal value. MyLink Points will be expired on 31 Dec 2021. Customers can redeem reward(s) before expiry date with the credited Points by login to MyLink App at "MyLink Points" page. For more details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions under "MyLink Points" of MyLink App.
  8. Free delivery charge for SIM card via online shop subscribe, including delivery and SF locker. The promotion period is until further notice.
  9. All designated prepaid card, handset, accessory and smart home device products offered under this Campaign are available while stocks last and on a first-come-first-served basis within the Campaign Period. Customers are required to agree to unbreak & activate the designated handset by CMHK staff before pickup in order to complete the transaction.
  10. The prepaid card and device products discount offer is calculated against the original retail price.
  11. In case of dispute, CMHK reserves the right to make final decision.