Download Service
Download Service
Please note that the connecting tone app will be removed on Apple Store and Google Play Store from today due to business decision. Customer still can download the connecting tone through the website: or dial #333. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Please Click  to entry Connecting Tone Zone.

Service Charge

Services Charge per Download
Connecting Tone  
Connecting Tone



Connecting Tone My Channel One Channel: $18/mth
  1. Mobile data charge is also required.
  2. Upon successful application, if the service activation date does not fall on customer’s bill date, the service fee will be charged on a pro-rata basis, while the usage available to customers will also be adjusted accordingly.
  • Count according to each recipient.
  • The content is not available to recipients using Fixed-line services. Customers will still be charged for sending such content to inapplicable recipients.