IDD1523 SuperSave Service
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IDD 1523 SuperSave


- IDD1523 service is not be available for new subscriptions.

- For the existing IDD1523 service subscribers, refill service has been discontinued starting from 8 Feb 2018 and IDD1523 service has been terminated on 28 Jun 2018.

  • Save up to 93% on calls to 14 countries / destinations, including Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia & Republic of Korea
  • 24-hour flat rate
  • No deposit required


Coverage & Tariff
Destination Price 1
(per min)
vs. IDD001
(per min)
Brunei $0.35 $7.50 95%
Canada $0.12 $0.55 78%
Mainland China $0.20 $2.98 93%
India $1.38 $9.30 85%
            Fixed-line (Jarkarta & Surabaya) $0.30 $2.90 90%
            Fixed-line (Biltar & Malang) $0.49 $2.90 83%
            Fixed-line (Other cities) $0.56 $2.90 81%
            Mobile (Telkomsel) $0.68 $2.90 77%
            Mobile (Other networks) $0.7 $2.90 75%
Japan $0.78 $1.68 54%
Macau $0.80 $1.95 59%
Malaysia $0.2 $0.88 77%
            Kathmandu $1.47 $7.50 80%
            Others $1.47 $7.50 80%
Pakistan $0.84 $11.10 92%
Philippines $0.93 $2.80 66%
Singapore $0.35 $0.88 60%
Sri Lanka $1.56 $9.30 83%
South Africa  
Fixed-line $1.00 $9.30 89%
Mobile $2.00 $9.30 78%
Saudi Arabia $1.35 $11.10 87%
Republic of Korea $0.35 $0.88 60%
            Fixed-line $0.28 $0.88 68%
            Mobile $0.42 $0.88 52%
Thailand $1.40 $2.80 50%
UAE $1.67 $9.30 82%
USA $0.20 $0.55 64%
Vietnam $1.61 $5.99 73%

You can also use IDD1523 to call other destinations at IDD001 rates. For tariff details, please click here.(IDD services overview)

  • If customer call back an incoming IDD call by retrieving the telephone number from the caller number display (e.g. from "Answered" or "Missed" call record), this IDD call will be charged at IDD 001 rates since you are using IDD 001 to make the call.
  • IDD call charges will apply once a call is answered (even if the call is answered by any automatic answering systems including announcement, tone machine, etc). In some circumstances, IDD call charges may still apply to the ringing time due to special call routing design of third party service providers in the event if a call is not answered.


Dialing Method

How to use IDD1523 SuperSave Service?

Step 1: Set up an IDD1523 SuperSave account2 at any CMHK shop and prepay $10 or above
Step 2: Call IDD1523 hotline 1258258 on your CMHK handset to set up your personal password for the service
Step 3: Follow the below dialing method to place your calls:
1523 + (country code) + (area code) + (telephone no.)
SuperSave Hotline

For your convenience, IDD1523 SuperSave Hotline 1258258 provides service in Tagalog/ Bahasa/ English/ Mandarin/Cantonese. You can call 1258258 anytime free of charge to:

  • Check balance
  • Change personal password
  • Change your language preference
  • Check the latest IDD rates of selected destinations
Terms and Conditions
  1. IDD1523 rates to other destinations are the same as those of IDD001 service. For rates details please refer to "IDD Rates" Leaflet. In addition to IDD call charge, CMHK airtime charges will also be applied if you are using the service via a mobile phone. IDD airtime usage will be counted on 6-second basis, while IDD charge will be rounded up to the nearest cent.
  2. Once you have set up an IDD 1523 SuperSave Service account, the stored value inside will be vaild unless you terminate your CMHK monthly servive plan subscription, in which case the IDD 1523 SuperSave Service will also be terminated, while the remaining stored value (if any) is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  3. If you are not using the mobile phone registered for IDD1523 service to call 1258258, please follow the voice prompts to enter your mobile number and password.
  4. Calculation of call airtime is based on the network records of CMHK. In case of dispute, the statement of CMHK is conclusive and binding. All calculations are subject to such prevailing rate or tariff as CMHK shall from time to time impose or publish.
  5. CMHK reserves the absolute right to change the terms and conditions relating to the use of "IDD 1523 SuperSave" service including but not limited to the validity period or rates at any time without prior notice to or consent from the customer.