Travelling abroad
Using Pocket Wi-Fi oversea

*Starting from 1 Oct 2018, Pocket Wi-Fi Rental Service has been terminated, customers can choose Data Roaming Zone, Roaming Prepaid Cards or other data roaming service.

The Pocket Wi-Fi lets you to stay connected in oversea with data service. What is more, it can share with up to 10 devices at one time, so if you are travelling with family or friend, you can all get online with one single Pocket Wi-Fi. 4G network is now supported in Mainland China (designated regions) and our Pocket Wi-Fi can provide you with fast broadband speed.

Rental Detail

•Get 1 day free with minimum 4 days rental.

Destination Charge~
(For whole day usage)
 Supported Device Frequency*
Mainland China






South Korea 4G/3G/2G


Min. rental day 1-day
Max. rental day 14-day


~ Usage will be charged according to the data consumed between Hong Kong Time 00:00 to 23:59.

* Network speeds are dependent on operators.

^ Mainland China 4G Data Roaming Service is only applicable to the regions with TD-LTE support.

+ Starting today until 30 Sep 2018, the daily rental charge of our Pocket Wi-Fi service for following destinations (China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia) will be lowered to HK$55. E.g. If customers rent a Pocket Wi-Fi for 4 days from 29 Jun, 2018, $55 daily charge will be applied for whole period; the adjusted daily rental fee will be imposed for late return (from 4 Jul, 2018 onwards).


Rental Procedures:

  1. Bring along with your valid travel document /HKID and credit card (Visa/MasterCard) to CMHK Roaming Services Center(Hong Kong International Airport), Customer Centre(MongKok) or Shop in Sheung Shui (Lung Sum Avenue) for application.
  2. Customer is requested to pay HKD$1,500 by credit card for payment of deposit and settle the full payment of the rental service fee instantly.
  3. Return the device to any CMHK Shops on the designated return date, and the credit card debit note of the customer for the HK$1,500 deposit will be cancelled.

Pocket Wi-Fi model: Huawei E5771 (can be connected up the 10 deceives)



  • Service fee will be charged from start of rental period. Customer could pick up and return the device one day before and after the rental period respectively.
  • CMHK shall impose a day charge as per the daily rental fee until the Device and the SIM card have been duly received by CMHK in good conditions.
  • The Wi-Fi Rental service will be suspended if customers fail to return the devices 5 days after the designated return date. The HK$1,500 credit card payment of deposit will be forfeited by CMHK accordingly.
  • Customer shall return the rented Equipment in good condition; otherwise, customer should make reparation for the loss or damage.
  • The device is available on a first-come-first-served basis and is subject to availability.
  • The roaming data access experience and speed will be subject to roaming destinations, network operators you roam with, internet conditions, server speed, coverage, locations, the computer and device used, hardware, software, the relevant service plan subscribed and other factors.


Pocket Wi-Fi Rental Service Terms and Conditions

1. Scope
China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited (“CMHK”) rents to the customer the Equipment and the customer agrees to rent from CMHK the Equipment. The following terms and conditions shall govern the provision of Pocket Wi-Fi Rental service ("the Service") by CMHK to the customer and the use of the Service by the customer.
2. Eligibility
(a) Applicants of the Service should bring along the HKID or valid travel document and provide a valid credit card (VISA/MasterCard) for payment of deposit for the Service.
(b) CMHK shall have the sole discretion to decide whether to provide the Service or not.
3. Network Performance
CMHK makes no guarantee regarding the service performance and availability of the service network(s). During peak periods (i.e. concurrent use of network resources by a larger number of users), the customer’s mobile data experience and use of the Service may be intermittently affected.
4. Applications and Contract Establishment
(c) Customer shall complete the application process in accordance with the procedures prescribed by CMHK from time to time. The contract would be established only upon acceptance of the customer’s application of the Service by CMHK. The model of the Equipment shall be designated by CMHK with pre-settings which shall not be modified by the customer.
(d) The credit card debit note of the customer for the HK$1,500 deposit will be cancelled upon due receipt of the rented Equipment (including Pocket Wi-Fi device, Charger, USB data cable and the SIM card) on the designated return date in good conditions by CMHK.
5. Device Return
On or before the designated return date, customer shall at its own costs return the Equipment to any China Mobile Hong Kong Shops.
6. Rental period
(a) The minimum rental period is 1 day and the maximum rental period is 14 days. Rental/usage of less than a day shall be considered as a full day. No request for refund will be entertained for earlier return of the Equipment.
(b) CMHK shall impose a day charge as per the daily rental fee until the Equipment has been duly received by CMHK in good conditions.
(c) CMHK shall be entitled to forfeit the deposit of HK$1,500 by way of debiting the customer’s credit card with the said amount as liquidated damages for compensating CMHK’s loss/damage of the Equipment if customer fails to return the Equipment 5 days after the designated return date or if the Equipment is returned but not in good conditions. For other lost or damaged items of the Equipment (other than the Pocket Wi-Fi device), customer will be charged in accordance with the fees table in clause 7(c) below.
(d) In case of the customer returning the Equipment after the forfeiture of the $1,500 credit card deposit, CMHK shall impose a day charge as per the daily rental fee, and the $1,500 debited amount will be credited back to the Customer’s credit card account in 2 months.
7. Service Device Management, Loss, Damages and Theft
(a) Customer shall comply with the relevant user manual of the Equipment as provided by CMHK. The customer shall take reasonable care of the Equipment while the same are in his/her custody.
(b) In case of the Equipment being lost, damaged, or in circumstances of theft, the customer shall notify CMHK immediately. The charges (including but not limited to unauthorized access and usage of the CMHK’s services by a third party prior to the notification from the customer to CMHK) incurred in connection with such loss, damage and/or theft shall be solely borne by the customer.
(c) In case of loss or damage, the compensation amounts payable by the customer for each of the Equipment are listed as below:


Accessories Compensation Amount (HKD)
Pocket Wi-Fi device
Charger $200
USB data cable $100
SIM Card


8. Disclaimer
(a) It is the customer’s sole responsibility to disable all data roaming service of devices (where appropriate). CMHK will not entertain any dispute for data roaming charges incurred to the customer if the customer fails to disable the device as aforesaid.
(b) CMHK will not be responsible for the failure to access the internet using the Service if the failure was due to the customer’s smartphone error and/or settings which failed to provide Internet services.
(c) To the maximum extent permitted by laws, in no event shall CMHK be liable to the customer and/or any third parties for any indirect, special and consequential loss and damage (which includes, without limitation, loss of profits, revenue, goodwill) which may arise out of or in connection with the Service. In case of proven breach by CMHK, customer’s sole and entire remedy shall be the refund by CMHK of the rental fee for the Service involved.
9. Amendment of Terms and Conditions
CMHK reserves the rights to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of disputes, CMHK’s decision shall be final and conclusive.
10. Personal Information Statement
CMHK is collecting the customer’s personal data for the sole purpose of providing Pocket Wi-Fi Rental Service.
(a) Customer must ensure that information provided to CMHK is up to date, complete and accurate in all respects.
(b) CMHK will comply with the obligations and requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.


Pocket Wifi User Guide_EN_v.2
Pocket Wi-Fi FAQ

1. How to use Pocket WiFi?
Pocket Wi-Fi is a mobile router which enables devices to connect to the Internet via the mobile network. It is applicable on smartphone, netbook, notebook, tablet and even digital camera. It provides you with mobile broadband access for up to 10 devices at one time. After turning on your Pocket Wi-Fi, you would be able to search the name and password of the pocket Wi-Fi (HUAWEI-XXXXXX) under the back cover of your devices. Your device can be connected to Internet once you have entered the password on the Pocket Wi-Fi.

2. Do I need to turn on data roaming when the Pocket WiFi is connected to my smartphone?
No, you do not need to turn on the data roaming while using the Pocket Wi-Fi. To avoid unnecessary charge, we do advise you to turn off the data roaming services of all your devices before departure. For CMHK subscribers, you can press *109*03# to deactivate your data roaming service temporarily.

3. How to manage Pocket Wi-Fi by handset or notebook?
Scan the below QR-code and download the latest version app where you can check the data flow, roaming status and signal intensity.

4. What should I do if I cannot connect to the Internet in overseas?
Please reinstall the Pocket Wi-Fi SIM card and press the reset button to restart the device. Please check whether the function of Wi-Fi has been activated on the Pocket Wi-Fi. If signal indicator turns Green, it shows that Wi-Fi connection is successful. You can also check the connection status through HUAWEI HiLink APP. Please ensure the roaming service is activated (APP: Tools-Functions-Roaming). If problem persists, please transit the SIM card to another device (For mobile phones, APN is cmhk) and connect to Wi-Fi to check whether it is the problem of network or device. If problem is still unsolved, please call CMHK 24-hour Customer Care Hotline at (852) 2945 8888. CMHK service plan subscribers can call our 24-hour toll free China Roaming Customer Service Hotline at 400 120 4000 if you have any enquiries while roaming in China.

5. What if I cannot return the device on the designated return date? How much is the fee?
CMHK shall impose a day charge as per the daily rental fee until the Device and the SIM card have been duly received by CMHK in good conditions (Not applicable to “Free 1 day for 4 days rental or above reservation”). The Wi-Fi Rental service will be suspended if customers fail to return the devices 5 days after the designated return date. The HK$1,500 credit card payment of deposit will be forfeited by CMHK accordingly.